Potential Home Insurance Exclusions

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Potential Home Insurance Exclusions

Your Austin, TX home is one of your most prized possessions. Home insurance helps you cover it if an issue arises. Your home is covered if there is damage to the internal and outer structure. The policy also covers any damage to your personal items inside the home. You are also covered if you are a victim of theft. Liability coverage protects you if you accidentally damage your neighbor’s property while doing some landscaping, or if a guest is injured on your property. As you look over your policy, learn about these common home insurance exclusions.

Poor Maintenance

You have to take care of your home. Neglecting your home can cause your roof to erode, mold to develop, and the emergence of mice and other pests. Home insurance does not cover any damage caused by poor maintenance.

Power Failure

Power outages can be annoying and frustrating. However, any damage to your home due to power outages is not covered through your home insurance.

Intentional Damage

Any intentional damage to your home is not covered by your policy. Having a bad day and punching a wall is not covered.

Sewer Damage

If your home is damaged due to the sewer backing up, you are not covered unless you amend your policy.

Heaton Bennett Insurance Will Help You Cover Your Assets

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Should I get a home insurance policy in Texas?

For people all over the Austin, TX area, you must consider all of your housing options. One form of housing to consider is purchasing your own home. If you are a soon-to-be property owner here, it is important to protect the asset with insurance. There are several reasons that you should acquire a home insurance policy. 

Insurance Offers Valuable Coverage

A primary reason that you should get home insurance coverage is that it can offer you important protections. When you get home insurance, it will include coverage to protect your dwelling and all assets you store under your roof. At the same time, it will include a provision for liability insurance coverage. If there is ever an accident, fire, or other challenging situation, the policy will give you the coverage you need.

Insurance is a Lender Requirement

Most of the time, when someone buys a home in Texas, they will end up taking out a mortgage. Anyone that has a mortgage against their property will have specific insurance requirements that need to be met. Your mortgage lender will require that you maintain coverage and escrow for it every month going forward in many cases. 

When you are in the Austin, TX area, it is important that you get proper support as you are picking a home insurance policy. The team at Heaton Bennett Insurance can help anyone in this area build and pick an ideal policy for their situation. When you work with Heaton Bennett Insurance, you can receive a lot of advice that will be curtailed based on your individual needs when it comes to insuring your home. Contact our office for more information.