An Introduction to Group Health Insurance

You might think of Heaton Bennett Insurance as the place for Austin, TX families to obtain the insurance they need for financial protection. You can also obtain commercial types of insurance from us though, including group health insurance that serves the employees you hire.

While the government now mandates you to offer this type of health insurance once your organization hires a certain number of employees, you benefit by offering this valuable employee benefit. Your employees can obtain coverage for their spouses and children under these types of policies.

When you offer group health insurance, you improve your organization in the following ways:

  • Increase employee retention by providing a sense of security,
  • Ensure improved financial security during emergency situations, such as the ongoing pandemic,
  • Motivate your employees by providing a happier workspace,
  • Enhance their mental and emotional wellbeing by letting them know they have insurance that provides for their medical needs,
  • Protect them in cases when they develop severe illnesses.

You make your company more attractive to the best potential employees when you provide health insurance. This makes it more competitive within your industry.

You also can ultimately reduce costs by purchasing a group health plan. You negotiate flat-rate premiums that apply to every employee. That means you help yourself since you pay the employee’s premiums. They pay any premiums for family members they add to the insurance that isn’t covered in the negotiated plan.

Make your company more attractive to the best employees. Contact Heaton Bennett Insurance serving Austin, TX today to learn more about finding the ideal group health insurance plan for your business. Help yourself attract and retain the best employees while you provide them with the health protection the government requires.