Required Auto Insurance in Texas

In Texas, as in other states, the state mandates how much auto insurance is required for drivers within the state. The minimum amounts may not be enough for a serious accident, however. It is often recommended to get more coverage than the state requires in order to be better protected. If you need auto insurance, contact us now at Heaton Bennett Insurance in Austin, TX.

Liability Coverage

When you have auto insurance in Texas, you are required to have two kinds of liability coverage. Going without this coverage can result in a number of fees, fines and penalties. The coverage required by the state includes property damage liability and bodily injury liability. Both of these pay for damages done to third parties- not to you or your property. Bodily injury coverage pays for a third party’s medical bills, lost wages and even pain and suffering from an accident that you caused. The property damage coverage pays for the damage done to a third party’s vehicle, building, landscaping, etc. 

Other Coverage Types

Because liability coverage doesn’t pay for damage to your own vehicle, it’s important to have coverage for your own property, though it isn’t required by state law. If you have collision coverage, this pays for your own property damage for an accident that you cause. If you get comprehensive coverage, this will pay for a number of other things that can happen to your vehicle. This leaves you protected against risks to your vehicle when you aren’t driving it. 

Get Your Auto Policy

If you drive in Texas, it’s vital that you have auto insurance to stay legal as well as to protect yourself and others financially. If you don’t yet have auto insurance, or you want to change carriers, give us a call today at Heaton Bennett Insurance in Austin, TX.