Flood insurance FAQs

Floods are becoming more common and people who would have never considered flood insurance are now finding it is something they need to consider. Since it isn’t something most people know a lot about, many questions come to mind. when the discussion turns to flood insurance. At Heaton Bennett Insurance in Austin, TX, we are a full-service independent insurance agency. We will do the work to find the best insurance products for our customers. 

Doesn’t my home insurance cover me for a flood? 

The sad truth is that a traditional home insurance policy does not cover flooding from surface water. It will cover for flooding due to a burst pipe but not an overflowing stream. 

Can I get flood insurance for my condo? 

Yes, you can buy one or both types of flood insurance as long as your community is part of the NFIP. If you are in a flood plain area, your condo association should also have a master flood policy to protect the exterior of the building. 

Can I get flood insurance on a rental?

Absolutely, and if you are in an area where it is a potential danger, it is a good idea to do so. You can only buy content coverage which maxes out at $100,000 since you don’t own the building. 

What is the most NFIP flood insurance will cover for property damage?

The maximum coverage for damage to a home with the NFIP policy is $250,000. If your property is worth in excess of that amount, you can talk to your insurance agent about getting another type of flood insurance policy 

What is the maximum content coverage with NFIP policies?

The maximum content coverage is $100,000. 

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